»burggrafburggraf« was founded in Stuttgart in 2017 by the twin sisters and product designers Nicola Burggraf and Elena Burggraf-Reusch.



Products from »burggrafburggraf« stand for subtle aesthetics. We design bags and backpacks with clean silhouettes and great attention to detail. We believe that good design is characterised by the absence of unnecessary elements. We design for people who strive for clarity and reduction to the essentials. For people who appreciate the quality of craftsmanship. And for those who want to know where and under what conditions their bag was made.



We work with great dedication to create unique products that will last more than just a season. We develop our products in this team of two, complementing our knowledge and skills. Every single bag is designed, sampled and handcrafted by us personally in small series in our studio in Stuttgart.



We believe that there is a wide range of plant-based textiles with excellent material properties on the market that are worth to foster. From the beginning, we committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in our collection.